Our Sustainable Approach

At A-DSGN we strive to be a sustainable, responsible brand that takes consideration to our planet, the people on it and our animals. We are constantly working on being better and do better. Below you can read more about our commitment to sustainability.

Where do you stand on CO2-emissions?

We are constantly working to reduce our CO2-emissions in comparison to our freight, packaging and picking a factory & warehouse who also are working on becoming more climate neutral.

Since our launch 2020 we are now working even more on reducing the one time plastic in our orders and starting from mid-spring 2021 we will use recycled plastic for our poly-bags, for the majority of our assortment.

How does A-DSGN make the packaging more eco-friendly?

The packaging plays an important role to make sure that the garments aren’t damaged during transport. At A-DSGN we strive to use less packaging material and to make them more sustainable. Our packages are made out of paper instead of plastic mid-spring 2021, we are changing our poly-bags to recycled plastic.

Please sort the bags after use, plastic by plastic and paper by paper, so it can be used again for something new.

What can I do as a customer?

Even though it may feel minor, it actually helps in the long run if we all help out. Take good care of your garments, always follow the washing instructions given on the care label. Wash in low temperatures and more rarely. Repair the garments if possible and give them to charity or a vintage store if you feel like parting with them.


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